Join us for Women’s Group: 6 Reasons Why YOU should come!

Written By Jacqueline Burkepile

Every Monday, ladies get together to talk about Sarah Swafford’s Emotional Virtue Ministry. We meet again tonight at 7 pm in the TWU Student Union Room #109. All ladies are welcome–from both TWU & UNT. Tonight we’re watching episode #4 of “At the Heart of Relationships,” starring Sarah Swafford and Fr. James Dean. If you haven’t decided to make your way there just yet, it’s not too late! Here’s some reasons why I think you’d really love it.


  1. You will make new friends who are also in search of something beautiful and good.

    We come together as women of God. We pray, we talk about love, friendships, and holiness. It lets you escape the world for about an hour to focus on how we can better ourselves for the love of Jesus.


  2. We talk about relationships.

    As women, it is natural for us to want to talk about our relationships, particularly with people of the opposite sex. This is a safety net where we can come together and talk about this in confidence. And if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your relationship, we won’t make you.


  3. We’re striving for virtue.

    One of the primary messages of Emotional Virtue is the effort to strive for virtue. We want to form ourselves as Women of God right now. Sarah Swafford helps us to understand why that is so important.


  4. We talk about love.

    What is God’s definition of love? How are we to love the people around us, including the man we will spend the rest of our lives with? Sarah Swafford helps us answer that question, and we talk about ways we can live it out in our own lives.


  5. You are a gem to be held and treasured. Let’s avoid unnecessary drama and heartache.

    We want you to know that you are worth more than precious jewels and that God wants love for you. In our women’s group, we talk about how much your are treasured by God–and by his Church! We want to help you find ways to avoid the heartache and drama so common in a relationship.


  6. It’s not too late.

    Right now, we’re watching a 5-episode mini-series with Sarah Swafford and Fr. James Dean. We will watch episode 4 (30 min. total) tonight, and episode 5 next week. On Oct. 26, we will begin reading the book. Each episode stands on its own, so you haven’t missed much. So please come if you can! You will not regret it, I assure you!



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